SolutionsIndustrial 4.0 Smart Factory

The system possesses control function of both injection molding machine and auxiliary equipment. Integrate the monitor functions of auxiliary equipments,like gravimetric blender, water chiller and moltemperature controller, etc. into the control system of the injection molding machine, which realize to monitor the working state of the injection molding machine and each auxiliary equipment via. the touch screen on the injection molding machine. Therefore, it can improve operation efficiency and device maintenance.Expandable production platform for prompt application in any production process
Integration: Integrate production line solution with enterprise ERP (PP, PM, MM, QM)
Intelligent: Provide direct and effective user interfaces and control panel, offering KPI according to the above visual information
Innovation: Extensively adopt SOP sales logic, covering relative process of the customer, including plan, implementation, maintenance and quality as well as other versioning contents currently.
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