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"Standard" Drying Loaders - SDL

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SDL series “Standard” Drying loaders integrate plastic drying and loading into one unit. Especially applicable to those large injection moulding machine which are placed in height limited workshop. This combination offers a group of standard photosensor hoppers, which can be used to load dried materials. Besides, SAL-900G is available for choose to realize the two-stage loading function.


  • Integrate drying and conveying into one unit
  • All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination
  • Floor-mount style for easy movement
  • Adopt hot air diffuser to gain an even hot air flow to improve drying efficiency
  • Single tube suction box is standard equipment
  • SDL-300 and even smaller models below are equipped with standard base. SDL-400 and even bigger models above it are equipped with magnetic base
  • For SHD-25SL-150SL, heater pipes are connected by lead sheets and other models are equipped with temperature protection to prevent heater pipe from damaging by blower faults
  • Overheat tripping can automatically cut off power when drying temperature ex- ceeds set deviation value
  • Adopts heat-insulated blower to prolong blower lifespan
  • All series of models adopt microcomputer control and RS485 communication port (SAL-900G is not included

Working Principle

Drying: ambient air is blown into drying hopper after heated by heater pipe. Hot air is distributed evenly via shade or screen separator over the material. Moisture in the material is removed slowly over time. Hot air recycler is optional so the air enters drying blower after being filtered to form a closed loop circle and save elec- tricity.Conveying: firstly vacuum will be formed inside the hopper by the suction of high-pressure blower which produces differential pressures between hopper inside and outside. Under the force of differential pressures and continuous suction, material and air mixture will be sucked into hopper. Due to blocking of internal filter, material will be accumulated in the hopper while air is sent out through air outlet by blower. Use SAL-700G/ 810G for a single conveying system, use SAL-900G for two-stage conveying system. Return circuit of material suction is controlled by the three way valve inside hopper loader.


SDL “standard” drying loader integrates drying and conveying into one unit. The drying section mainly is the Drying Loader SDL, and the conveying section mainly is the “Standard” Separate-vacuum Hopper Loader, which are assembled with other necessary accessories. This series of machines are easy to move that can make production more effective and convenient. Besides, the loader also can be selected to convey the plastics as to realize auto feeding with less labor work. SAL-900G series of loaders have two-stage conveying function.